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The REPA For Education in Coffee project embodies our commitment to inspire and support the coffee community. It is an honor for us coffee lovers at REPA to showcase a series of events organized by industry leaders that, like us, believe that knowledge leads to an overall better cup of coffee.

REPA support The Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) Course for Cuppers held by Coffee Knowledge Hub in Simonelli Group, November 9 - November 10, 2023.

The course is a two-day professional update for coffee cuppers, during which they will learn and become familiarized with the SCA’s new Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) as a tool to evaluate coffee quality.

Do you wish to be part of our Education in Coffee project? Please contact gilberto.guidi@repagroup.com


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Dankzij de geconsolideerde ervaring van REPA in de sector van reserveonderdelen, bieden we het breedste assortiment onderdelen en accessoires die nodig zijn voor koffie-extractie, onderhouds- en reparatiewerkzaamheden, evenals reinigingsproducten voor koffiemachines.